Make It a Party: Pheasant and Roasted Poblano Tamales (and Don’t Forget the Tequila)

It wouldn’t be Cinco de Mayo without spending a few hours in the kitchen getting a crick in the neck making tamales. While this recipe can require a couple hours of prep work solo, tamale assembly is best enjoyed with a party–that means tequila, cervezas and friends and family. Tamales freeze easily and are readily available later for when hungry relatives arrive throughout the year. Continue reading “Make It a Party: Pheasant and Roasted Poblano Tamales (and Don’t Forget the Tequila)”

Chocolate? Chiles? Now We’re Talking Pheasant Mole Enchiladas

Mole (pronounced “mo-LEY,” as in, “Holy moly that is some good sauce”) is a traditional Mexican sauce with numerous variations, though, in most recipes, it includes a rather unorthodox dinner ingredient: chocolate. Several complicated recipes exist for mole, though I believe some of these recipes involve lengthy steps—for example boiling chicken stock with cinnamon sticks and allspice berries instead of just adding those ground spices—which are rather unnecessary and produce negligible taste results. While this recipe may seem lengthy, creating this sauce shouldn’t take most experienced cooks more than an hour to prepare. A good mole, as my former kitchen manager described it, should be a great-tasting enchilada sauce with a hint of Mexican chocolate—still savory, but not too sweet. Continue reading “Chocolate? Chiles? Now We’re Talking Pheasant Mole Enchiladas”

A Kid’s Classic, Turned Wild: Quail Quesadilla

In this recipe, America’s original game bird meets one of America’s favorite pastime—an old-fashioned summer cook-out. Since the Southwest is often considered prime quail hunting territory, it only makes sense to apply the grilled bird to a regional favorite. This quesadilla dish employs authentic Mexican cheeses and grilled quail to create a savory, cheesy appetizer or meal. Combined with smoked jalapeño guacamole—a refreshing, albeit spicy, treat during summer—your family will enjoy a fiesta of flavors usually only found closer to the border.       Continue reading “A Kid’s Classic, Turned Wild: Quail Quesadilla”

Gluten-Allergy Suffers Rejoice: This Beer-Battered Walleye Recipe is Just for You

Celiac disease—the autoimmune disorder where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine—affects an estimated one out of 133 people. Those afflicted by the disorder can’t consume anything containing wheat, rye or barely. Consuming gluten would cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and/or fatigue (or more severe consequences in some circumstances).

That means, based on the number of fishing license holders in 2015 (published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service), which calculated 28,463,499 people owned a fishing license in that year, 214,011 of anglers in this country suffer from Celiac disease and therefore can’t safely enjoy a good fish fry.

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Leftover Pheasant Thigh Meat in the Freezer? Try Tacos with Rooster Enchilada Sauce!

We all can’t be pro wing shooters every outing. Sometimes we head home with less-than-pristine harvests. When you can’t justify plucking, there are always other ways to enjoy your bird.

The common pheasant owes its origins to Asia, and, in my opinion, the innate flavor of pheasant accommodates and highlights Eastern spices.

In the history of traditional Mexican and Asian cuisine, there are very few cross-over dishes or methods. Though peanut butter, in regard to sauces, is often associated with Thai dishes, certain traditional Mexican enchilada and tamale sauces incorporate small amounts of peanut butter to enhance their base tomato and chili flavor.

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